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Roosevelt Market

Roosevelt Market
Building Location 311 N Elm Ave
Boise, Idaho 83712
Warm Springs/East End Neighborhood
Ada County
Building Status Public
Year Built
Architectural Style Colonial

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The Roosevelt Market is a popular neighborhood dive with a history that stretches all the way back to 1900. A simple four-square style house, the Market has always been such, a market of some sort. Famous for its egg salad, the Roosevelt Market is a neighborhood staple with a few of its own interesting little stories. Many who loved the Market as youngsters have returned and left their stories in the Marketís little notebook. One such case is that of a man who returned to Idaho for his 60th high school reunion, he left behind his story of meeting President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and shaking the Presidentís hand at the corner just near the Market. There are numerous small expositions relating the fond memories former patrons remember from their childhood days; coming to the Market with their allowance to buy cent candies. In 2003, the Roosevelt Market was closed and stayed that way for nearly six months. The Marketís regular, and even non-regular, patrons were beginning to fear that the Market would be closed for good. In 2004, just short of six months after itís closing, Nicki and Susan bought the Market. Located at 311 N. Elm Street, just across the street from Roosevelt Elementary School, the Market is a welcoming place and is always a great place to find interesting conversation. The Market also has a webpage:

Building submitted by Sarada Issuree and Theresa Barnes

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