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Collister Elementary School

Collister Elementary School
Building Location 4426 Catalpa
Boise, Idaho 83703
West End Neighborhood
Ada County
Building Status Public
Year Built
Architectural Style Elements of Moderne and Romanesque Revival

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Dr. Collister moved to Boise in 1881 when Boise was only 18 years old. He was mainly a baby specialist but also served as a physician to the city, county, and state penitentiary. He owned a florist shop at the Hotel Boise, using his own flowers. He worked in the cattle business as well as orchards of peaches, pears, and prunes. Collister Elementary was built on 150 acres of land donated by Dr. George Collister. The first school term opened in 1911 in a one room framed building. In 1912 a red brick four room school house with stone trim was built amidst a prune orchard owned by Dr. Collister. The school was built by Tourtellotte and Hummel. The school was of no particular style, but it has elements of Moderne and Romanesque Revival elements. Cast iron Waterbury coal heaters heated each room for grades 1-8. In 1914 the school was ready for two teachers for eighty students. In 1922 Collister became part of the Boise School System with Dr. J. Ellis Black as principal. There were three teachers and one hundred twenty one students. In 1940 hot lunch came to school. Mrs. Dillard, a teacher, helped with hot lunch by bringing dishes from home making sure every student got a nourishing lunch. In 1944 hot water came to school. In 1948 there were seven teachers and one hundred seventy seven students, the school building was remodeled by putting on white stucco, the basement kitchen was finished, and four more rooms on the west side were added. Land was also purchased on the north end for a playground. In 1953, on the east end, the school was remodeled by adding six more classrooms, an auditorium, an office, and landscaping. In 1959 the school had their largest enrollment with five hundred nine students and fifteen classes. In the 1970’s, due to overcrowding, the school was remodeled by adding six more classrooms to the fourteen room school. The kitchen was added next to the gym and the old basement kitchen was turned into a library. In 2012 Collister Elementary teaches grades K-6 with nearly two hundred fifty students. 2012 is Collister Elementary’s 100th year anniversary. By Natalie in Mrs. Allen's 3th grade class at Collister

Building submitted by Natalie Warr

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